Andy Allan
Lyn Aston
Steve and Caroline at the Blue Peter
Kate Boyes
Helen Burton
Richard and Jo Butfield
Derek Campbell
Nicholas and Jane Childs
Rick Connolly
Richard at Couch's
Andres Foss
Richard Foster
Isaac Gossage
David Hinds
John and Sheila Hitchman
Sheridan Hughes
Steve and Carmen Hunt
Carol and John Lawrence
Helga Medron
Ted Pilcher
Steve and Mandy Shepherd
Michelle and Tim at the Three Pilchards
Frances Wilson
Ian and Margaret Webb
Brian and Rita at the Wheelhouse


Cherry Benjamin
Kate and Jack Crossley
Anne Hudson
Vic and Ollie Kent
Richard Lewis
Polperro Festival
Steve and Caroline Steadman
Peter Strong
Alun Thomas

Associate Members

Past and Present

Andy Allan
Chris Curtis
Brooke Greville
Paula Humphries
Jane Moorshead
Jude Mullarky
Renee Nash
Nicola Pilcher
Brian Trudeau
Fleur Wilkinson

Past Members

Steve Appleby
Merve Beaver
Howard Brown
Sue Crook
Rocksea Dobbs
Gina Farrell
Richard Green
Rob Hawkes
Paul Hawthorn
Mike Jelly
Richard Lawrence
Francesca Matti
Claire Maxwell
Tony Nelson
Heather Peat
Roger Powell
John De Ronde
Brian Shepherd
Geraldine Soden
Peter Skellern
Richard Wallington